Why do I have cracks in my walls?

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Why do I have cracks in my walls?! If you live in and around the inner west, Sydney, you’re bound to have a few cracks in your walls, and/or ceilings and even around your doors and windows. A majority of our time is spent in homes around the inner west and the eastern suburbs, and a good chunk of those homes have decent sized wall and ceiling cracks. Some wall cracks can begin from the ceiling and travel its way down through the wall, to the beginning of the skirting boards. For more superficial wall cracks, dings and scratches, we love using K2 Stucco.

what you can do if you have cracks in your walls

To prevent potentially damaging interior and/or exterior cracks, your aim should always be to have them re-plastered or rendered over by professional house painters, before they potentially become worse. On a more serious side, you may find that you will need to stabilise the soil surrounding your home as effectively as possible, to support the foundation of the building. Aim to plant shrubs or small trees at least a couple of meters from your house, and larger trees between five and ten meters away.

some factors that lead to wall cracks

  • Shifting foundations caused by warmer weather, as the soil around your home dries from the extended extreme heat and lack of rainfall.
  • Tree root systems that take valuable moisture from your homes’ soil.
  • Older homes made between 1920’s and 1940’s built on clay soil are mostly affected.
  • Homes built after the 1970’s will more likely withstand movement in the soil as their timber frames and steel can take the weight of the house.

underpinning – for serious issues

In some more serious cases where your home is off tilt, you can consider underpinning – 
We recommend this place here – Resinject https://resinject.com.au/ – Resinject raise and re-level sunken foundations.