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consider this

Some factors that interior painters in Sydney have to consider on a daily basis may vary.
For example, you could paint with a roller, or you could set-up a spray-gun, it all depends on the project.

By using a spray-gun you could accomplish a much faster result, however, there’s more time spent cleaning the spray-gun afterwards, prior to spraying, you have to tape the edges of windows and doors with plastic.

Our preference is to use the good-old roller frame! A lot of the time, our client’s homes are fully furnished, so choosing to spray is not really a good option, unless you prefer to have paint on your belongings ūüėȬ†¬†


As professional interior house painters, we recommend sheeting up all of the floors prior to painting.

It is a good idea to ‘double-up’ the drop sheets to avoid any flying droplets, that may seep through onto your carpet or floorboards, we use the¬†iQuip Biodegradable Drop Sheet¬†to cover all furnishings beforehand.

Interior house painting can be very straight forward when you know what you’re doing.¬†
It starts with planning and organising the most ideal work environment, i.e. move large furniture into the center of the room, pack up and relocate all smaller items. 

painters tape

We like to tape around the bottom of skirting boards with painters tape, we recommend iQuip, Envo Tape. 

While rolling the walls, there’s always over-spray, that will land around the skirting boards and flooring, and we want to avoid this from occurring.¬†

To avoid getting paint splashes over the skirting, we run painters tape over the top of your skirting, then peel off when we’ve finished rolling!

common issues

Interior house painters in Sydney work with numerous problematic household issues, such as, mold growth, rising damp, rust, water stains, large cracks in walls and ceilings, peeling and flaking paint, and so on. 

tools & paints

We use the best tools, paint products, fillers/plasters (great one for small fills is K2 Stucco), and the right type of paint for the job (low sheen, flat, semi-gloss and/or gloss), 

Correct preparation is our key element: fill gaps around windows, doors, framing, skirting, filling small and large holes with plaster or bog and re-plastering cracks in walls and ceilings. 

Finally, our favourite – the dustless Festool vacuum sander

painting your interior? can you capitalise?

You might be asking yourself, “Is painting the interior of my house worth it?”.¬†
“Can interior house painting capitalise?” The short answer is, YES!

Having fresh, shiny walls and bright ceilings are definitely a great selling point. We understand that sometimes homeowners are on a budget, and you might be considering painting the interior yourself to save a bit of money.

Some people choose not to invest in a paint job, in some circumstances this can stuff your chances at raking in a good buying/selling price for the property. 

hassle-free house painters Sydney

If you’re in a situation where you’d prefer a¬†professional interior house painter¬†to paint your home prior to selling, or you’re simply looking for interior house painters in Sydney to revamp your living space –¬†We’re more than happy to sort out any issues you may be experiencing, whether it is plastering you need, colour consulting, help treating the annoying mold and rising damp, or just a quick freshen up.

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Top Rated Client Reviews

We aim to maintain our 5 Star Google Reviews, along with our 
TrueLocal client reviews. 

As professional House Painters, we want our clients to feel pleased with the results. One of our strongest attributes as a painting company is our ability to communicate effectively and our willingness to manage each individual project with as little interruption and stress as possible.

Detailed Prep Work

Whether it is an exterior or interior painting project, we make sure that all of your timber framework has been gapped and your homes’ woodwork patched as smoothly as possible. If your ceilings and walls are suffering from a bad case of wear and tear, we give them a skim coat to make the surfaces as smooth as we can. Windows, doors, skirting and framing can get hit a lot over the years, so we like to pay closer attention to getting those surfaces sorted out first.¬†

Tailored Quotes

We try our best to respond immediately to your request and supply you with a¬†super-fast quote. You can either book an appointment, or you can email us¬†images and/or videos. We promise that you’ll have your tailored quote¬†within 2 days.

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Professional Painters Sydney

professional painters sydney

Let’s be real,¬†it’s not easy finding top notch professional painters in Sydney.

If you haven’t yet had any experience
hiring a house painter in Sydney,
and you’re keen to filter through the baddies
for a goodie, you’ve come to the right place.

Exterior painting Sydney

exterior painting sydney

You have decided that you want the exterior of your home painted and you’re trying to find
the best painter for the job.

If you’re interested in hiring an exterior house painter in Sydney, and you‚Äôre keen to filter through the undesirables, read on..

Residential painters Sydney

residential painters sydney

It’s normal for residential painters in Sydney to specialise in exterior painting, interior painting, plastering, mould and damp treatment,
spray applications i.e. fencing, roofs, and new building works etc. 

To stand out from the large chunk of house painters, it would be good for your painter to offer you something more unique,
something you and your family can relate to, other than the same old.

House Painters in Newtown

Newtown is jam-packed with quaint little cottages, Victorian terraces and Californian
Bungalow style homes, they are very similar to the homes in the nearby Bohemian-like suburb of Glebe.

A lot of these older style homes have wall cracks, peeling ceilings with seam splits,
hammered skirting boards, moldy walls and ceilings, and rotted window sills, facia boards and so on.



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