Finnish Tradeswomen

Finnish Tradeswomen on The Rise in The Industry

Finnish Tradeswomen

Finnish Tradeswomen Making a Breakthrough in the Home Improvement and Construction industry.

As a Professional Residential Painting business which is owned and operated by Finnish and Australian women – we believe that we have first hand experience in regards to the culture and development of women working in the construction and home improvement industry.

For tradeswomen entering a male dominated industry, sometimes, it can be difficult – You can go from seamless teamwork; between female tradies and tradesmen one minute, to woefully, experiencing some form of unwarranted sexism the next – All whilst holding a paint pot in one hand and ladder in the other, or sadly, have some individuals even scoff at the thought of a professional tradeswoman.

Finnish Tradeswomen

According to some statistics in Finland, only 10% of people working on constructions sites were women. The main challenge isn’t hiring women, its keeping them there. For women as primary carer givers, whom work from 7am to 5pm – it’s just not suitable.

Have these companies not given them enough room to develop in their roles as qualified tradeswomen and industry experts?
Could they support mothers more in order to make that return to work more feasible and worry-free?


Kirsi Mettälä, the H&R Manager at SKANSKA stated “Not that there would have been straight harassment or discrimination, but maybe women have not got exact assignments that their education would have allowed”.

According to the HR Manager of NCC Group – Riikka Ikonen “16% of women working for NCC have an engineering education. I’ve worked for NCC for 11 years and seen great positive development, more and more women are interested in working in construction.
Especially, having a fair atmosphere, where work colleagues are valued.”

Our point of view

From our point of view, we can see the similar aspects between these HR Managers –
a majority agree, that different generations have different needs, especially mothers that are already in the industry. 

Not to say the least, all of the HR Managers in the biggest construction developer groups in Finland are women.

Still, we wonder are the words selected almost too carefully, and do they really tell the truth about the true state of women that work in the home improvement and construction industry? 
We would like to see construction companies lead the way in providing ideas and implementing them in regards to flexibility and support, to enable mothers to continue their careers, without worrying if they can afford to return to work. 

Progression Within The Industry

Tradeswomen have so much to bring to the table: creativity, vision, multi-tasking, eye for detail and leadership, but if you ask us, or any women in general, you would be surprised how many of us think that when women and men work together its simply better. It’s all about balance and duality.

There are still some old stigmas between women and men collaborating together on the worksite, but we can definitely feel the change has already begun, and we are happy to see that the global trend is improving – more Female House Painters, Electricians, Plumbers and Engineers are graduating from not only Finnish Universities and Colleges, but Australian Universities and Colleges.

But most of all, the positive change in the work market is that, no longer does it matter that the applicant is female or male, as long as you are suitable and qualified for the position.

Original article published at Rakennuslehti – Article written by Merja Mannila 

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