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The Coal Coast

Historic and aesthetic

Situated between the sea and the escarpment you will find Bulli, Thirroul, Austinmer, Coledale, Wombarra, Scarborough, Clifton, Coalcliff and Stanwell Park, each area has it’s own energy, although one thing they all share is a down-to-earth atmosphere and a local-laid-back attitude.

One of the greatest things about the Coal Coast is that it has managed to withstand the over-development that has been experienced in other towns and cities throughout N.S.W. 

There are remnants of beautiful timber residences of the first quarter of the 20th Century scattered throughout the Coal Coast, N.S.W that the Coal Miners and their families once occupied. These days you’ll see creative and vibrant communities enjoying their days hanging out at the local cafe or pub, and surfing or fishing at either of the stunning beaches.

From an architectural point of view, the Coal Coast of N.S.W has/had elements of finely crafted living spaces, consisted of: external timber cladding, internal lining, and decorative features – Interwar period with the late Edwardian features important in this local scenery and a good example of admirable residential architecture of its period of construction. 

In addition, decorative timber elements such as: verandah posts, valances and brackets, bay gable bargeboards, finial and other woodwork, small gabled vents and small chimneys. 

Elements of architecture of the period include those of Queen Anne style (flying gable, ornamental timber brackets) and some Gothic influence (prominent finial etc)

We are female house painters and travelling old home specialists, you can see why the Coal Coast is an ideal part of the N.S.W coastline that we love to work in. Painters in Wollongong and Coal Coast House Painters would feel lucky to paint around this awesome area, it’s one of our favourite distinations to paint at, on the N.S.W coast.

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Home & Public Liability Insurance

Anything were to go a little pear shaped, we are covered from head to toe with full home and public liability insurance.
If you’re looking to have your home professionally painted, it’s best to choose a house painter in Sydney that has the appropriate insurances.

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We aim to maintain our 5 Star Google Reviews, along with our TrueLocal client reviews. 
As professional House Painters, we want our clients to feel pleased with the results. One of our strongest attributes as a painting company is our ability to communicate effectively and our willingness to manage each individual project with as little interruption and stress as possible.

Detailed Prep Work

Whether it is an exterior or interior painting project, we make sure that all of your timber framework has been gapped and your homes’ woodwork patched as smoothly as possible. If your ceilings and walls are suffering from a bad case of wear and tear, we give them a skim coat to make the surfaces as smooth as we can. Windows, doors, skirting and framing can get hit a lot over the years, so we like to pay closer attention to getting those surfaces sorted out first. 


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When most people think of painting the interior of their home, they cringe, it can seem daunting to someone who has no experience in house painting.
 There’s a lot to consider i.e 
whether to paint the interior with a brush and roller or to spray.

Using a professional spray gun is much faster, but there’s more time spent on taping the edges of windows and doors, to avoid any paint spray.

Will you mask up the whole interior before painting? Or will you decide to wing it, and paint without taping? 

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It’s normal for residential painters in Sydney to specialise in exterior painting, interior painting, plastering, mould and damp treatment,
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