Buy Yourself Time By Hiring Professional Painters​

Buy Yourself Time By Hiring Professional Painters

‘ North American homeowners are abandoning do-it-yourself projects in record numbers to go with the pros, making “do-it-for-me” the largest and fastest growing sector of the market, according to Sherwin-Williams Co ‘

Increase in Professional Painters

According to American Paint Manufacturers – Sherwin-Williams Co, there has been an increase in the amount of homeowners hiring professional painters, instead of wanting to paint their homes themselves – homeowners are opting to hire house painters to do the painting for them, all in an effort to gain back some lost time, time better spent with the family.

Bob Wells, senior vice president at Sherwin-Williams voiced that, “Residential repaint activity, which is the largest segment in the pro market, has been very strong,” “DIY on the other hand has been lagging.”

buy yourself time by hiring a professional painter

Elizabeth Dunn, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, found that this bought time tends to make people happier than acquiring more material things.

Dunn also mentioned, “It’s good news that these trends are emerging,”.
“People don’t always spontaneously consider how they could improve their lives by not torturing themselves with miserable tasks that they hate doing.”

gen x

In an article written in Bloomberg, Jennifer Albert, PPG Senior Marketing Manager mentioned that, Generation X couples, a large chunk of whom work two jobs while also raising children, are “time starved” and particularly likely to hire professional painters.

Those who have the financial means to hire tradespeople to do their home improvements for them i.e. Baby Boomers who used to do their own house painting when they were in their younger years.

More and more Millennials are becoming homeowners, regularly purchasing older style homes that require renovating or restoring.

go pro

Albert continues, that homeowners are staying approximately, 8 years or longer in their homes and are undertaking more renovations on their beloved properties. As the economy is growing and the high unemployment rates a slowly decreasing, it generates more opportunities for people to invest in professional house painters.

Professional painters made up around 62 percent of North American home repaint jobs in 2017, with the remainder DIY paint jobs, according to Sherwin-Williams. That’s a big turn-around from 1980, when DIY was more in-fashion, and lead with 59 percent of the market. Fast forward to 2009, when the recession provided a quick boost to DIYers, forcing professional painters to drop their prices, in saying so, house painters have gained back the lead each year since.

painters Sydney

Whilst there has been a lot going on with the housing market in Australia these past years, we can tell that the demand for professional painters in Sydney has it’s ups and downs, not only does the fluctuation  impact professional painters and DIYers, but it also has an impact on the paint stores – less homeowners and professional painters visiting to purchase paint, which equals to somewhat of a slump in overall paint sales, and overall, a decline in the home improvement sector. 

Female House Painters

why choose female house painters?

Streamlined Project Management

From start to finish, we keep our clients updated and informed with the progress of each project. By hiring professional female house painters you can be sure that there will be zero-mess, no-hassles or stress, when getting your home painted. One of our strongest attributes as a painting company is our ability to communicate effectively and our willingness to manage each individual project with as little interruption and stress as possible.

Detailed Prep Work

Another advantage of being female house painters, is our natural eye for detail. We guarantee clean and detailed finishes, whether it is an exterior or interior painting project.

Tailored Quotes

We try our best to respond immediately to your request and supply you with a super-fast quote. You can either book an appointment, or you can email us images and/or videos. We promise that you’ll have your tailored quote within 2 days.


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