5 ways to know the condition of any living space

When you move out and into a new location the last thing you want is to regret your decision. There are some things to keep an eye out for, in doing so you can make life a lot less stressful. Below are our top 5 ways to know the condition of any living space when inspecting the property. Happy moving!

  1. Odour.
    The moment you step foot inside the property you should take note of any unhealthy odours. Mould is extremely harmful (nasal congestion, coughing, respiratory infections etc), it should not be taken lightly. Some mould can be treated if it’s not at its’ worst. Check inside cupboards, bathrooms, poorly ventilated rooms. Beware of any fragrances or incense which may have been sprayed/lit before your arrival, this is just a mask and is typically used to fool you. 

  2. Check the Roofing.
    Broken tiles, broken or missing downpipes and guttering aren’t always a bad sign, but sometimes they can lead to problems further down the track and be quite tricky and expensive to locate i.e. interior water leakages causing unstable plasterboard, brickwork, rendered walls, resulting in mould growth, rising damp, cracking and/or peeling ceilings and walls.

  3. Bubbling Vinyl Flooring.
    Check out the vinyl flooring to make sure there isn’t any blistering or bubbling, as the vinyl comes away from the surface it allows dust, bugs and household bacteria to gather underneath.

  4. Fibro (Fibros Cement Sheet) a.k.a Asbestos.
    Fibro was widely used from the 1950s and is still being used today, in non-asbestos form. In warmer weather, fibro houses can become extremely hot to live in and in the cooler months, very cold. Houses constructed in the 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s can contain asbestos fibro.

  5. Water Stains.
    Water spots and stains are mostly found on ceilings. The stained area can range in different colours i.e yellow, brown or copper coloured. The area may appear wet or dry, these water stains are one of the most common sites for House Painters, they can be treated, prepared and painted without too much hassle.

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Why Choose Us?

Let’s face it. Every House Painter should have insurances in place before they step foot onto anyones property. 
If anything were to go a little pear shaped, we are covered from head to toe with full home and public liabilty insurance.
If you’re looking to have your home professionally painted, it’s best to choose a house painter in Sydney that has the appropriate insurances.

We aim to maintain our 5 star Google rating reviews, along with our Truelocal client reviews. 
At the end of the day, as professional house painters we want our clients to feel pleased with the results and we go out of our way to make sure that’s the case. One of our strongest attributes as a painting company is our ability to communicate effectively and our willingness to manage each individual project with as little interruption and stress as possible. 

We don’t just give your ceilings and walls a once over, patch and sand – We make sure all framework has been gapped and woodwork patched as smoothly as possible. If your ceilings and walls are suffering from a bad case of wear and tear, we give them a skim coat to make the surfaces as smooth as we can. Windows, doors, skirting and framing can get hit a lot over the years, so we like to pay closer attention to getting those surfaces sorted out first. For us, there’s nothing a little bit of enthusiasm can’t fix.

Let’s face it.. The competition is hot, as professional painters in Sydney we’d be fooling ourselves if we didn’t notice the Elephant in the room.
Luckily for us we are always up for a challenge!

As far as painting goes, we work ourselves out, to be able to achieve an overall fantastically impressive painting job for our clients. Over the years we’ve noticed a change in painting prices and we’ve had to match those by making our house painting quotes more cost effective while still maintaining our high standards. We will continue to provide for the people in need of a fresh coat of paint and a happy set of hands.

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